Das Nichts/Nothing

Das Nichts/Nothing is an ongoing and continuously updated project based on screenshots of my smart phone. The screenshots sort of display 'nothing' or refer to the fact that nothing works as desired.
Despite my original selection modus to capture Nothing the screenshots display a great number of data.

The project started in 2014. It currently takes several formats like videos, prints and performances. Additionally I plan to develop a guessing game (offline and/or online).

The video version is frequently updated and extended. I constantly insert new screenshots. The pics are sorted by capture time, regardless it's date. With each edition of Nothing the picture order is continuously re-arranged.
Due to the massive amount of screenshots, about 5000 png by February 2018, I adjust the original concept by editing the png in accordance to it's source tool.
Here you see the versions of Das Nichts/Nothing made with iPhone 3G in 2014.

Das Nichts #15, 18/06/2014, 413 pics, 23:10 min., excerpt of 0:36 min.
Trailer for Das Nichts @ Fusion Festival 2014 as a 2-channel/2-sided version.

Das Nichts #20, 15/07/2014, 744 pics, 41:59 min., excerpt of 4:13 min.
Here is #20 as a 1-channel version.

Das Nichts #27 SIE, 25/07/2014, 319 pics, 5:10 min.
This is the Shortened International Edition (SIE), all pngs with German text have been omitted.

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