MH 370 Me and the Machine

Throughout a dozen of short performance pieces I enter a battle of 'Me and the Machine'.

For each session I use the laptop's finder function Cover Flow. I flip through 370 screenshots which I gained from news channels reporting on the search of the vanished plane MH370.
I wipe across the touch pad as fast as possible. The program cannot cope with the fast changes and fails to display the pictures properly. The information is replaced by an icon of an image file.

Two recording devices witness the action: the screen recording acts on behalf of the machines whereas a live camera captures the part of the human body.

Quite contrary to the aim of finding the plane and thus deleting 'Nothing', namely the void of the missing information on it's whereabouts, my action deletes the information itself. My fight of men and machines shall produce 'Nothing'.

The performance took place during Direct Action da*14 as part of The Month of Performance in Berlin 2014 in the Institut fuer Alles Moegliche, Abteilung fr Alles Andere, May 2014, curated by Stefan Riebel.

MH 370 - Me and the Machine, performances, 24/05/2014, 392 pics, various length, documentation 4:06 min.
Performance video that assembles all performances on one screen

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