Nature Cut

Nature Cut is a conceptual film history that covers the years 1950 to 1975. The program's focus is on German-speaking productions, however a number of international productions are included in this work as well.

Each Nature Cut follows the same principle: Removal of all scenes showing people, unless they are 'reproduced' on another media like papers or TV-sets, or the object that is held by a hand is of higher importance than the hand itself.

This editing filter reduces each film from the original length, usually 90 minutes, to between roughly 2 and 7 minutes. By deconstructing the film it's constructing principles become obvious.

After a few analogue edited pieces in 1997 I have revived the concept in 2011 and produced most of the Nature Cuts throughout that year. Since then I occasionally make a new Nature Cut, having produced like 100 pieces by now.

The video titles refer to the chronological order of me having made the videos and they provide information about the film's country of origin and it's year of production. For example FILM 1 GB 1975 is my first Nature Cut video, that is based on a film that was produced in Great Britain in 1975.

The principle of Nature Cut can be applied onto any film by any person. Although it is a fixed and objective system to follow, each Nature Cut provides an individually made piece, that might look different when produced by another person or at a different time.

Film 01 GB 1975
This is my very first Nature Cut piece, analogue edited in 1997 on VHS.
In honour of David Bowie, who's ghost like appearance pays tribute to his vanishing from earth in 2016.

Film 90 F/I 1973
This Nature Cut shows a remarkable variety of scenes and weird places of France in 1973. Original French version.

Film 51 HK 1972
This film was produced in Hong Kong in 1972 and takes us to Rome at that time.

Film 85 F 1972
This French film provides fantastic scenes from the Atlantic coast. This includes a clear reference to The Wave by Japanese artist Hokusai.
Not many words are spoken, please excuse the German dubbed version.

Film 81 DDR/PL 1970
The first two minutes extracted from this GDR/Poland made science fiction film show remarkable action and speed.
But then you will find this Nature Cut to become an exercise in mediation as almost nothing happens in the outer space.
However - surprise, surpirise - there is a nice little film within the film, a charming hand drawn animation, so its worth to watch the whole piece!

Film 76 F 1969
This Nature Cut povides breathtaking aerial views of New York in 1969. The fantastic film music is by Ennio Morricone.
Sorry, only a German dubbed version available.

Film 50 D/I 1968
This is a most amazing piece from the Nature Cut series that certainly reflects the gorgeous 1968 mood.
Until today people remember having seen this very weird film in their childhood, that was talked about for days.

Film 71 USA 1967
This is the most elaborate piece of the Nature Cut Series. Puh - 600 cuts for this piece.... scenes of 1 or 2 or 3 frames only!
Please excuse the German dubbed version.

Film 58 GB 1966
Here is Berlin in 1966 seen through a British lense.
However - all places that were meant to show East-Berlin have been filmed in Kreuzberg in West-Berlin.

Film 74 GB 1966
Here is Marocco as it was portraited in 1966. Sorry, only German dubbed version available.

Film 78 D 1965
Munich, Venice, Lido di Jesolo and a marriage proposal by telegram.

Film 89 D 1965

Film 73 D 1964
Travelling by plane takes us to Teneriffa and provides unique aerial scenes of the island in 1964.

Film 57 USA 1963
A brilliant intro animation and lots of suspence and interesting spaces. Edited in 2011 and re-edited in 2018. Only German dubbed version available.

Film 92 D 1963
Starting with a toy aircraft the film continues with travelling by helicopter across Bavaria.

Film 70 A/D 1962
A famous song of the 60s and the shortes Nature Cut so far.

Film 25 A 1961

Film 52 A 1961
Funny animations and lots of Austrian landscape captured in 1961. Edited in 2011 and re-edited in 2018. Sorry for the glitches.

Film 19 D 1960

Film 28 A 1960

Film 79 D 1960
In this Nature Cut you travel from the heath in northern Germany to down town New York in 1960.
The telegram calls on the son "Come back home fast, father is seriously ill"

Film 81 D/F 1959
This Nature Cut introduces the airline 'Angel Star Lines' and shows us breathtaking scenes from car racings at the French Riviera in 1959.

Film 88 D 1959
Naja, Heisse Lippen in kuehler Nacht .... Well, Hot lips n a cool night ...

Film 39 A 1958
Beyond propomoting love of the German/Austrian landscapes, most of the Heimatfilms introduced the audience to the habit of travelling abroad. Scenes of rural animals are quickly followed by scenes of airplanes and transatlantic vessels.

Film 80 D/A 1958
A funny and witty German-Austrian production with awesome interiors and an amazing cinematography by Klaus von Rautenfeld.

Film 53 D 1957
Zčrich and St. Moritz, a purple poodle and a film within a film - quite a complex piece.

Film 10 D 1955
Film 10 D 1955 is the second Nature Cut in which I explore the genre of Heimatfilme (home country films), a popular format for light entertainment in post war Germany.
I made it by means of analogue editing in 1997 and digitised it in 2011.

Film 47 D 1955
Glimpses of St. Moritz and Rome, lots of snow and even more church bells ringing.

Film 77 D 1951
A bit of Rome and Paris in 1951 and a famous voice.

Film 31 USA 1950
This Nature Cut is based on a film from the United States in 1950 and marks the begin of the conceptual film history that covers films from 1950 to 1975.
Please excuse the German dubbed version.

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