Ein Ort zum Anhalten, Innehalten, Festhalten, Aufhalten, Unterhalten

A Sustainable Stop to Stop and Stop by

Haltestelle at Nation of Gondwana, Gruenefeld, July 2023

Made entirely from secondhand material the structure of Haltestelle covers all elements of a German bus stop shelter, like seating and signs, proportion and size.

Additionally it's back wall holds 7 monitors to display video art. The program focusses on the topic of traffic, that is met with a range of my works from 1987 to 2023.

F.l.t.r.: Ginza Crossing, 1 Month in Hong Kong, Dynamik der Grossstadt, hk05 ffwd, Autobahnplanung Oranienplatz 1964, Void, Una Giornata a Venezia, and a 5h selection of Nature Cut films

The German title lists a number of verbs that literally play with the word Haltestelle, a spot to hold on to.
Two handrails embody this meaning.

Furthermore Haltestelle provides a winking reference to stops as therapeutic tools to deal with Dementia and Alzheimer patients. Here you see a scaled-up sign that was designed to inform patients. The absence of any company name reveals the fake.

Build on site of the Nation of Gondwana Festival Haltestelle provided a care-free meeting point, a place to stop and stop by. Night and day.

A million thanks to everybody who was involved in that project!

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